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Although we obviously did not wait for the Covid-19 pandemic to comply with basic hygiene rules, recent events have forced us to redefine the concept of “cleanliness” within our establishment. As a reminder, we only have 5 rooms (10 people maximum), which have individual access and are accessible independently of the common areas. The garden is open to everyone and contains many spaces where you can isolate yourself. To ensure the well-being of our guests as well as health security, here are our 7 golden rules in force at Villa Romeo.

1. Fresh air

We will keep our rooms open throughout the day and will continue to do so during this “semi-containment” period. Air must circulate, it is our primary concern. It is the one we breathe, the quality of which we must assure. Don’t hesitate to ventilate your rooms.

2. Respect for barrier gestures during cleaning

As far as possible and with practical “common sense” we follow government-issued health protocols using masks and gels to combat the spread of the virus. We take special care to door handles, switches, faucets, remote control and any accessories that may have come into contact with the hand.

3. Using a UV-C steam/disinfection cleaner

We have invested in a steam cleaner that works at 150 degrees to eliminate germs, bacteria and viruses, while respecting nature (no additional chemical). More than just an air purifier, it disinfects the ambient air in the rooms.

4. Use of micro fiber cloths, dedicated per room

The rags used are per room and systematically washed, after a single use, in a machine, to be sure not to bring the virus from one room to another.

5. Washing of fabrics at high temperature

All our fabrics (sheets, towels, tablecloths, etc.) are washed at 60 ° in accordance with the standards in force.

6. Collection of non-essential documents and objects

Exceptionally, we will remove all non-essential documents and objects. Do not hesitate to ask us for the items of the courtesy tray upon your arrival: tea, coffee, herbal tea, sugar …

7. Gourmet breakfast preserved

Our breakfasts are served in a large open room and on individual tables for a maximum of 2 people. It is served directly at your table according to a time defined beforehand with you. This allows you to make the most of your breakfast while maintaining the friendliness of the guest room or advice on nearby activities.