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Relaxing Spaces

The Villa Roméo thought of his relaxing spaces so that each can revitalise ideas, calmly and at its pace.

The pool is surrounded by a deck with deck chairs. Bath linens are freely available.

The spa, adjacent to the gym, is surrounded by tropical vegetation. Enjoy a moment of relaxation after a day of hiking.

The gym is equipped with a treadmill, a stationary bike, a rowing machine, and floor mats for stretching those tired muscles. The gym also has a flat-screen TV, should you like to be entertained as you work out.

The swimming pool, spa and gym are open from 7am to 7pm.

The library benefits from a quiet terrace with modern and comfortable furniture. A wide selection of books and games is available. We also provide you with information about the tourism on the Reunion Island.

The garden is home to many species of fruit trees (kaffir lime, passion fruit, guava, lemon, banana, coconut, litchis…) and also includes a vegetable and herb garden (mint, coriander, basil, sage, chives, anise verbena…) – perfect for adding a fresh, local touch at mealtime!

For those who stay several days, we selected for you some ideas of excursions

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